Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of business-owners quite as harshly as a looming tax deadline. Here at DCA Accountants we aim to make your day brighter and simpler, so we are delighted to bring you the news of an extension on the ROS Pay & File Tax Deadline.


Now, before you all celebrate too much, it is a very slight extension. The previous deadline was October 31st 2015, and has now been shifted to November 12th 2015. Not quite as magnificent a time lapse as you might have hoped, but it might give some much needed wiggle room. This extension will only apply if you file your FORM 11 tax return and use Revenue’s Online Services (ROS) to complete the required income tax payment.


We would advise completing this ASAP, as opposed to waiting it out until the last minute to avoid unnecessary stress or mistakes in filing.


Whilst this is a welcome extension for most, it is noteworthy that the deadline is becoming consistently earlier each year making returns increasingly difficult. As such, it is vital to stay on top of your documentation throughout the year.


It is not yet known if this extension will apply to all tax returns, and until this is confirmed we would suggest assuming that it remains October 31st and aiming for this date in order to avoid any issues. If all taxes are paid under the PAYE system and you yourself had a Capital Gain in 2014, FORM CG1 CAPITAL GAINS TAX must be completed and returned by October 31st.This new extension will not apply.


Whilst this extension may be of relief to some, it is advised to carry on as normal and as though the deadline remains at October 31st as it is safer to act under this assumption, than take chances and risk penalties. As always, should you have any concerns or queries we at DCA Accountants are available to assist you in this matter.