CRO Changes

In recent years, there have been a great many changes introduced to the various procedures involved with employment. From the removal of the old P45 system to changes to PAYE procedures, there have been many changes for employers to become accustomed to. To continue this trend, there will soon be a new requirement for all company Directors from the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

From April 23rd 2023, the CRO will be requiring company Directors to disclose their PPSNs for Forms B1 (Annual Return), B10 (Updating Director Details), A1 (Incorporating a new Company) and B69 (Declaration that a person has ceased to be a director or secretary of a company which has failed to send notification). All Company Directors will be required to file their PPSN with the CRO when submitting these forms and they will also be required to be entered each and every time these forms are submitted.

Non-Compliance will result in a Category 4 Offence under the Companies Act 2014. A Category 4 Offence generally constitutes a failure to file or incorrect filing of information, and results in a Class A Fine (fine of under €5,000).

It is worth noting that Directors names and dates of birth must exactly match that listed on the Department of Social Protection’s database. As always, we would encourage all companies to begin confirming the PPSN’s of all Directors before the date that this becomes mandatory. This is to ensure that future forms don’t incur any late fees.

We hope that this information has been useful for you and as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at EcovisDCA where we remain open and ready to help.