Revenue Clamping Down on Tax Compliance

Revenue’s eBrief No.174/23 Update

As we have spoken about many times over the last few months, Revenue have been making a conscious effort to implement changes that will clamp down on any tax compliance issues and overall make the system more foolproof. The latest move towards eradicating tax compliance issues has been specifically aimed at the Construction Sector.

The Tax and Duty Manual has undergone a significant update, allowing Revenue Officers the authority to enter construction sites. These updated guidelines outlined in eBrief No. 174/23 signal Revenue beginning to mark a new concerted effort to ensure compliance across all sectors.

Historically, the construction sector has been susceptible to taxation issues and the underreporting of income. This is due to the complex and decentralised nature of this sector. This has led to significant issues in the sector and occasionally some unfair advantages for non-compliant construction businesses. These new guidelines will give Revenue Officers the legal mandate to enter construction sites, enabling the gathering of real-time information to cross-reference with records and conduct inspections in person.

This direct access is intended to assist Revenue in verifying the accuracy of reported information and to ensure that all operations are within the boundaries of current regulations. It is hoped that whilst this will naturally ensure greater transparency, it will also serve as a deterrent to potential tax evaders.

There will also be a responsibility on Revenue and its officers to ensure that all actions are lawful, justified, and respectful when entering premises to conduct investigations. Again, this is another massive step in clamping down on tax evasion and other taxation issues and continues the trend of increasing transparency across the board.