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The Small Benefit Exemption – Gift Cards

As the weather begins to finally take a turn towards the colder, darker Winter mornings, thoughts naturally begin to turn towards the big man in red visiting at Christmas. As recent times have been so “unprecedented” and we now find ourselves in the midst of a cost of living crisis it is easy to overlook […]

Local Property Tax Surcharge

As the Pay & File deadline of November 16th has just slipped by, we wanted to provide our clients and friends with an urgent reminder on a possible issue that may have slipped notice in the haze of the approaching deadline. Those who have not yet complied with their Local Property Tax (LPT) obligations may […]

TWSS & Small Benefit Exemption Scheme Update

As the weather begins to turn its gaze towards Winter, so to do we begin to cast our eye towards wrapping up the 2022 business year and making plans for 2023. With that in mind, we wanted to bring you a newsletter detailing the current status of both the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme and the Employment Wage Subsidy […]

Debt Warehousing Scheme extended until 2024

We have spoken a number of times in the past about the warehousing of debt following on from the Covid 19 emergency, and this week we come to you with another update on this. Revenue have recently extended the debt warehousing scheme will be extended for an additional sixteen months. The scheme allowed businesses to […]

Energy Supports for Business in 2023

As part of Budget 2023, new supports have been made available by The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. The supports are designed to help businesses of all sizes with their rising energy costs and to make them more sustainable through longer and medium-term investments. This support is being delivered through five new targeted energy […]

Budget 2023 Breakdown

That special time of year is upon us once again – Budget time. Budget 2023 was just announced, and it was certainly one for the books, coming at a time of continued uncertainty and concern over the exponential increases in the cost of living. With everything from fuel and energy to food and lifestyle items […]

Help, We Need Somebody – SME Supports

We have spoken multiple times recently about the supports available to Irish SMEs in order to help them to weather the current storms facing Irish businesses, but it is an unfortunate fact that not all SMEs will find themselves capable of survival during these times despite their best efforts. It emerged this week that the […]

Cashflow Woes

Tax season is naturally always a stressful one for all business owners, even more so during these times where the cost of living has become untenable. For many business owners, tax season can often mean paying out a large sum in one fell swoop which can often feel like a burden. Luckily, there are ways […]

Oh, What A Relief

Here at Ecovis DCA, we spend a great deal of time discussing issues that specifically pertain to Irish Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) due to their importance to the Irish economy and our clients. There is another vital area of the Irish economy that we sometime overlook, and it is one that the Irish economy […]

The Ol’ Switch n Save

Given the changes we’ve seen to our economic landscape in recent years and the inevitability that these changes are having on our ever-lightening wallets, we are going to take a look at some potential cost-saving measures you might like to consider. Prices have recently been rising at the fastest pace we have seen in decades with inflation […]