Whether we are business owners, home owners, parents or employees in this fast-paced world one thing unites us all, we are all incredibly busy. How often a week do we hear the term “I just didn’t have time for that” from friends, colleagues and loved ones? We have spoken in the past about maintaining a successful work: life balance in order to have a happier and more satisfying life. Today we will be talking about something that is critical in your working life, no matter how busy, ensuring that your company has a strong customer focus. Being customer-focused is something which all employers and business owners should ensure that they make time in their busy schedules for, the benefits far outweigh the time cost.

Running a business is time-consuming and often stressful and as our to-do lists grow and grow it is easy to become essentially blind to the smaller details as we focus on the bigger picture and all the tasks that lie ahead. Maintaining a customer focus is a collection of small details that can easily take your business to the next level. If your clients aren’t happy, your business will not be happy in the long run. Customer service is not limited to retail environments or to select departments, and should be an important role for every single employee in your company. Everyone a client comes into contact with should be well versed in providing excellent customer service.

Whether or not your business is obviously centred on customer service, customer service is certain to play a massive role. The essence of customer service lies in the importance of understanding the needs of your customers or clientele and knowing what you and your company can do to meet those needs. Some of the most crucial ways of providing excellent customer service are also the simplest and least time consuming such as ensuring positive and rewarding personal connections with your clients. This might certainly mean an extra couple of minutes of meeting or phone call time but will also send your customers and clients the message that your company cares for them as more than just a number. Other ways in which your company can go the extra mile in terms of customer service include ensuring your service or product has a certain ease of use which will not cause undue irritation to clients and customers, and ensuring that payment methods for suppliers have clearly laid out terms and ease of use.

To conclude, providing excellent customer service is one of the less time-consuming ways of ensuring the longevity of your business and should be implemented by every member of staff. Customers and clients who feel that your company has gone the extra mile for them are more likely to remain loyal, and that loyalty in a world of competitive business will be the reward for time spent whilst excellent customer reviews and word of mouth may assist in drawing in a new client base.

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