Earning the respect of our colleagues can be a daunting task in any new role, but ultimately it is the respect of management which the majority of employees crave. With the usual ‘new year, new me’ ethos in mind, we will today focus on ways you can implement small changes to your working day in order to earn the much coveted respect of management. Whether you have taken on a new role for 2017 or are still working hard in your current role, there are small changes which can be made in order to get yourself noticed by management and earn their respect as an employee.

You have already started the New Year by turning up to work, on time no less so you have instantly earned our respect for what it’s worth! Recent studies show that one of the most vital things employees want from their managers is respect. Feeling respected in the workplace leads to happier and more efficient employees as employees feel as though their effort is valued. Here are some handy tips to get you started on this road to respect.


Communication is key in all relationships and this is evident in the workplace. We all have our shrinking violet moments but one can’t bemoan a lack of respect in the workplace if you daily goal is to remain invisible. Disagree and agree where appropriate and allow your voice to be heard. Another key component of communicating efficiently in the workplace is feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is vital in the establishing of work relationships. Requesting feedback is an ideal way to show your employer that you care about your place in the company.


This is possibly one of the most difficult skills to master in the workplace. We all want to impress our boss and do as much as we can, but when the boundaries between our roles and others become blurred we become less capable of doing our own roles to the best of our ability. Despite how long you have been in your role, it is wise to regularly clarify your role so that your focus will be accurate.


Building relationships with other employees may not seem like an important way to earn the respect of management, but these relationships show that you intend to be in the role long term and that this isn’t just a stop-gap role for you and shows you to be a trustworthy team-player. Offering support to others in the workplace will also show how vital you are within the team.


This is a difficult one for anyone who craves the respect of management. If you feel that there is a lack of respect or you are being overlooked, it might be time to raise the issue with management in order to ascertain if there is a solvable issue or if the issue is a miscommunication. This also gives the opportunity for both parties to explain the difficulties they are facing and get on the same page.

2017 is a new year with many opportunities for you to show your worth. As always, we are here to provide any help or guidance we can and together, we can conquer 2017.


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We have spoken in the past about the importance of maintaining a feasible work/life balance and how important a reasonable balance is for the mental health and wellbeing of both employees and employers alike. Whether you are still working your way up the career ladder or have reached the peak already, the maintenance of a healthy work/life balance is what ultimately helps you to reach your goals. With a busy season for business and customers alike fast approaching, we thought it wise to discuss the modern day phenomenon crucial to a happy and healthy workplace: workplace flexibility. Now, don’t panic, we aren’t going to ask you to unroll that dusty yoga mat before January 1st. Rather, we will be speaking of ways in which the workplace itself can contribute to a healthier and happier home life.


As both our working and our home lives become increasingly busy and filled with integral conflict it is important to create flexibility where possible. In these modern times, maintaining flexibility is becoming increasingly easy as it is possible to be connected 24-7 (which is, of course an issue for another day).


From a business point of view, it is beneficial to the company to ensure that its employees are satisfied and happy on a daily basis which, as we have previously discovered is essential to maintaining a functional workplace. The inclusion of alternative working styles is important to maintain a good balance. Working remotely has become one of the most popular methods of gaining flexibility in the workplace and one which has seeped into most modern lives as few among us are innocent of checking our working email from home on our phones.


Maintaining flexibility in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity as the interconnectedness of our modern offices can combine differing work types or schedules at once whilst working from home reduces time and effort spent battling the daily traffic. Meanwhile skype and other video call platforms have allowed for meetings and hiring interview processes to become more immediate as we no longer need wait for a face to face meeting. Technology has now begun to redefine the workplace as well as how we communicate, and Irish companies are beginning to harness this new power through video and instant messaging as well as file sharing.


To conclude, a happy workforce is a productive one, and modern life allows for greater flexibility in the manner in which we work. A work/life balance has never been more important to the Irish workplace as our busy schedules create a time-poor workforce, the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs have been quoted as saying that

“Family-friendly working arrangements can play an important role in any overall pay and benefits package.”


This can be easily harnessed by employers to create a new working environment which will be increasingly productive as a result.


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