Despite the on-going issues caused by the economic downturn, Ireland has found itself becoming somewhat of a technology hub as we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of tech companies setting up shop in Ireland.

Companies like EBay, Microsoft, Facebook and Google already have bases in Dublin, paving the way for Ireland to become a technology powerhouse, leading to an increase in Irish job generation. The tech sector in Ireland has become an important job creator as we consistently see new companies seeking workers in Ireland.

Our tech sector shows that we have a young, skilled and vibrant workforce with a variety of marketable skills in the IT sector. Apple in the 80’s showed that we have skills in the manufacturing sector, which prompted other companies such as Microsoft to open up shop. These companies have since showed that we have skills in OS development and infrastructure that has now drawn in companies such as Google, Amazon, and eBay among others.

The question is; what does the existence of an Irish tech hub mean for smaller Irish start-ups?

The outlook for tech companies in general in Ireland is promising, and the existence of globally known multinational companies might intimidate smaller Irish tech start ups, but in reality as the tech world is constantly changing the floor is open for Irish tech SMEs as well as larger multinationals.

Small start-ups can get started as an offshoot of the larger ones, and the existence of the larger ones creates a tech economy that otherwise might not exist. Start-ups can also provide services to the bigger corporations. By the very nature of being small, they can come up with more innovative and cost effective ways to solve problems. Selling these problem-solving measures to larger companies ties them together and allows SMEs to grow alongside the larger.

As Ireland gains a name as a tech haven, it becomes an integral cornerstone of the Irish economy. Whilst the existence of globally recognised tech companies in Ireland might seem intimidating to your smaller start up, the reality for you and your company is that larger companies need smaller companies in order to thrive. Larger corporations need start-ups to either provide services or come up with innovative and cost effective products which increases competition and in turn increases the worth of the products themselves, creating a more valuable economy of tech in Ireland.