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What is a PCP loan?

We Would Use a Car Pun – But we’re Exhausted All the recent talk about Ireland’s continued economic recovery can be somewhat hard to swallow when the benefits are not being felt in the pockets of the average worker, and it can be draining to work consistently on a punishing schedule of balancing work and […]

Cyber Security – Protecting Against Invisible Threats

As a business owner, your primary concern will be for the continued safety and prosperity of your business. Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly digital age of constant connection, one area of security that often falls flat for businesses is that of Cyber Security. We often rest on our laurels and forget […]

The Companies (Statutory Audits) Act

Louder than the Lions The Companies (Statutory Audits) Act was officially enacted on July 25th 2018 following a lengthy period of concern and a debate on July 10th. This Act mostly focuses on implementing updated to the EU Audit directive and on implementing appropriate auditing legislation in Ireland. Unfortunately, as tends to happen in Irish […]

Is The Economy Overheating?

Too Much of a Good Thing When emerging blinking from the darkness of an economic crisis, such as the one Ireland experienced in the not so distant past, it becomes important to latch on to the positive steps in the right direction many of which we have spoken about in the past with new funding […]

The Climate Action Fund – A New Grant Available

Save the Planet – It’s the only one with Chocolate Whilst Irish business can often be a stressful place to be in the current environment, there has been a lot of movement in the right direction during Ireland’s economic recovery and we have spoken in the past about new layers of support being put in […]

Brexit – Still No Clearer

Hope for the Brexit Best It goes without saying that even those hiding under a rock with no Wi-Fi signal will by now have heard the word ‘Brexit’ by this point, meaning Britain’s highly controversial exit from the European Union. Brexit has proven to be a much more complex issue than it seemed was earlier […]

The Help To Buy Scheme for First Time Home Buyers

A Helping Hand onto an Elusive Ladder We have spoken at length in the past about the multitudinous issues facing prospective first time home buyers in our current climate in Ireland. From saving deposits amidst paying skyrocketing rents, to being effectively written out of the narrative due to stricter borrowing rules and increasing home prices […]

Should You Fix Your Mortgage Rate?

Keeping that Roof above Water We have spoken recently about the struggles facing prospective homeowners and their long term range of effects on the market at large. Something we haven’t touched upon thus far is the struggles facing those who already have a foothold on the property ladder, existing homeowners currently holding a mortgage. Whilst […]

Revenue Clampdown on Airbnb Income

Temporary Hosts – Permanent Fines We have spoken at length about the so-called Revenue crack down, as Revenue continue to battle against evasion and fraud in all its forms. The latest to feel the Revenue wrath will be Airbnb hosts as Revenue have begun contacting hosts in writing regarding undeclared income. Following on from the […]

Knock Knock Knocking on Overpriced Doors

We have spoken many times in recent years about the difficulties faced by prospective home owners, whether they be first time buyers or otherwise. The mortgage rules currently in place in Ireland can no longer truly be called ‘new’, and are unlikely to be changed drastically but continue to place heavy restrictions on prospective buyers. […]